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  • As a citizen of the European Community you are free to live, work, study and of course to buy property in whatever country you choose within the European Boundaries.

  • Our company in co-operation with lawyers and solicitors, qualified and specialized in matters of property sales, will handle all legal aspects to secure your investment, e.g. thorough title research to make sure that the property is legitimate and that there are no claims by third parties (e.g. banks, courts etc.), assistance in getting the necessary approvals from the Ministries of Forestry and/or Archaeology as well as from local communities (where required).

  • We are also able to assist in all legal questions concerning property sales, e.g. to collect the necessary papers / approvals. We provide full service until the contract is signed - and the service does not have to stop here. Our Construction Department will help you in construction matters. Note that the above-mentioned legal services are provided without charge. They do not include, though, the legal representation in property sales/purchases.


  • The control of the property titles includes the control of their legitimacy and the entries in the land registry books. The control must cover at least the period of the last 20 years. It must be checked if there are mortgages, seizures etc. furthermore, claims from third parties must be excluded, these can be from private or official persons, or from the state.

  • In case the current owner of a property has come to it by inheritance, the death certificate of the former owner has to be presented and checked, as well as a certificate that the current owner has accepted the inheritance and paid the succession duties. Shortly before the new transaction, another document is needed confirming that the inheritance is valid and has not been cancelled or revocated for some reason. In some cases no written records exists about an inheritance. If this is the case, the closest relatives have to give their written consent. Other necessary documents are: confirmation that the will has been made public, confirmation that the will has not been cancelled or revocated.

  • If the current owner has his own business, he has to present a certificate to show that he or his company is not insolvent or has been declared bankrupt.

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